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Common Ledger CLI Commands (Source)

Income vs expenses this month?

ledger balance income expenses --period "this month"

What did my budget look like at a certain date?

ledger balance budget --end 2018-01-02

This is how it looked at the end of the day on Jan 1, 2018.

How much is in the checking account right now?

ledger balance checking

What is our net worth?

ledger balance ^assets ^liabilities --real

How much money have we made?

ledger balance income

How much money have we made from our salaries?

ledger balance income:salary

How much do we spend each month on x?

ledger register -M expenses:groceries:food

Group transactions by payee

ledger register --by-payee

Only show uncleared transactions

ledger register --uncleared

Do I have enough budgeted to pay off my credit cards?

ledger balance creditcard

It should be \$0.00. If it's not \$0.00, run this with different dates to find the problem:

ledger balance creditcard --end 2018-02-01


Change Chase checking from:

Details,Posting Date,Description,Amount,Type,Balance,Check or Slip #



Change Chase Credit Card from:

Type,Trans Date,Post Date,Description,Amount


ledger convert ~/Downloads/checking.CSV --input-date-format "%m/%d/%Y" --invert --account Assets:Checking --rich-data -f budget.ledger --auto-match --pager less

Expenses each month (sorted)

ledger -M --period-sort "(amount)" reg ^expenses

This will show all expenses, grouped by month and sorted by the amount.

How much do we spend on credit cards each month?

ledger -M -r --display 'account=~/creditcard/' reg ^expenses